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the internet is huge...


but we can help you cover it


Thanks to the internet, we’re consuming content faster than ever before. From web browsing and social media to iPhone apps and video streaming, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise. Where it used to be just the big three of TV, print, and radio, there’s a now seemingly endless number of distractions, with new ones sprouting up regularly.

And that’s where we come in.

Many agencies are stretched to their breaking point, but they don’t have to be. We act as a silent partner, producing content for you, all while remaining invisible to your clients.

let us help you


Jordan Klein Jr. (Jordy)

Jordy Klein is a second-generation filmmaker and multi award-winning director of photography. With over 40 years in the industry, you can bet you’re in good hands. On the off chance he’s not filming something, Jordy’s probably flying, scuba diving, or just being an all around badass.

He’s also started distilling his own whiskey, leaving no cool hobbies for the rest of us.

Ben Klopfenstein

Ben Klopfenstein has written and directed several feature films, as well as many more commercials and music videos. He fell in love with movies as a kid and never looked back. Aside from that, Ben enjoys traveling with his wife and newly adopted cat Frankfurt.

He’s almost 30. He can probably handle the responsibility.

Matt Staker

Matt is awesome! When Tilt wanted to increase its “cool factor” we brought Matt to our team. Matt was an X Games wakeboard competitor back in the early two thousands and became interested in production while traveling the world documenting all the adventures he and his team would go on.

Matt is Tilt’s on staff MacGyver. He can write, light, film or photograph all while making a mean Macchiato.

Jordan Klein SR.

Jordan Klein sr. is Tilt’s Bertram Cooper (Madmen). This 2 x Academy Award winner is well into his 80s but you would never know it. His vast knowledge of the industry and having “been there, done that” has helped Tilt traverse problems that would otherwise have involved us reinventing the wheel.

JK sr. is in such good health that we’re pretty sure he’ll out live us all. Somebody really needs to write a book about this guy!

Jeff Goertz

Jeff loves to match client needs to an outstanding final product. “I want to give them the biggest bang for their buck.” Jeff started in television production in 1988 at the suggestion of his father who said, “You watch a lot of TV, why not work in it!” Jeff has worked for various television stations and production companies and loves to work live televised events.

For fun Jeff enjoys playing music and martial arts, preferably in separate venues.